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  • Snow foaming

    They'll say it's not designed for use on blinds

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    For the decals, its a fair enough warning for anyone who may have them. It could be a reaction with the adhesive?

    For the blind, maybe it was a poor paint job/ different type of paint?

    Fact is that I've never seen a report of someone using snowfoam on a car and paint coming off (note I said I've never seen, not that it hasn't happened). Obviously some of the more aggressive foams remove wax or sealant but that is by design not error.


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      I've been using Snowfoam for nearly 2 years now and always get on well with it. Spray the car whilst it is dry, let it sit for 5-10 mins, Lance off & then using a Meg's mitt wash thoroughly. Then towel dry, apply chosen polish & finish with Autoglym HD wax. Car always comes up mint

      Oh and that's using a Karcher washer & snowfoam lance