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  • Interior trim

    Yes they can. Start at the bottom tray in the centre and work your way up as far as I know. I've only had the bottom tray out though.

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    You'll need to take your door cards off to remove the trim there. The rest prizes off. Open your glovebox for the long piece about it and it simply pulls out. As for the upper dash bits. No idea I'm afraid.


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      the above trim clips off , the strip above the glove box clips off no need to touch any dash the ashtray comes out and will be able to remove the trim above that too and the sides of the centre dash loosen the screws and they clip off aswell

      see all the trims on the seat :


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        paddyc, on 31 December 2013 - 03:52 PM, said:
        Nice facial expression there, done that face myself many times... haha

        Thats Karls face doing an impression of Shrek.. think he did it rather well