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  • Car Care Routine

    Gave mine a good clean the other day then it rained before i could take pics to post. It did look fantastic.

    Started with a good wash using Zymol

    polished with Autoglym Srp

    then 1 coat of Meguires 21 wax

    Wheels done with Meguires tyre gell

    plastics done with Autoglym bumper care.

    6 hours later and with a bad back all finished.

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    Shame on you.

    I hate my car being dirty. I'm waiting for the rain to stop so I can wash him now.


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      Well it didnt stop raining at all today ( I hate the weather men! )

      So it looks like tomoz night to get my cleaning fix.


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        Crown Bowler, on Sep 24 2010, 06:20 PM, said:Hi Grumpano. I live in Oldham also could do with getting in touch, just got my Eco Flex Elite 2.0 cdti Insignia. on Mon 20 September. Could do with picking your brains. Crown Bowler
        No problem mate give me a pm