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  • plastic boot lid thingmybob

    I would walk away and look elsewhere, especially if it's from you know who

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    Car sounds like a sham mate I would just walk away the Insignia is a popular car and there will be plenty of others that you will want to own.


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      r6nick, on 26 January 2014 - 10:02 PM, said:
      Really? I can't find one with same spec for budget u mean AC?

      Whats your budget and what spec are you after and are you prepared to travel theres plenty of us to find the right car for the right price for you


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        Like I said in your other thread I'd turn it down unless they sort every problem. That said with only 18k on it that car has been abused!


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          AC are a nightmare for that. EH are no better. At least AC put pics on Auto Trader when they have valeted the car, EH don't. Their photos would put most off!

          Ps the plastic boot sill is easily replaced. What AC is it in?


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            My mate has bought one from their. At least they are a VX dealership. Personally if they fix it all, including alloy then give you first refusal on it. I bought one from M.Well AC and they filled in two sharp dents with black polish. First time I washed it it popped out. Took it back and gave the dealer principle what for. Booked in the next day and all sorted. They really as Chancers.


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              Hey it's just a car,but it's your money.

              If its not to your standard,walk away!


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                Makes sense. Scratches on the boot from a wheel chair maybe?


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                  So whats the budget on the car? some details to :

                  miles upto how many?



                  spec? sri/se/elite/vxr?

                  are you prepared to travel to buy the car?


                  vx dealer?

                  Hence the name of our site Enthusiasts, were here to help and will look for the right car for you and leave links on here for you to look at.


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                    Used Glasgow Post office as a postcode

                    2.0 cdti


                    1.8i Petrol :



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                      1.8 looks nice. Not bad if you don't need power


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                        I wouldn't rule out an Elite just because of the wood trim as this can be changed, and the extras you get with an Elite are well worth it especially the AFL
                        Insignia Elite Nav 2ltr SIDI Turbo 250PS, Pearlescent Emerald Green, VX-Line Interior, VX-Line Exterior Styling Kit, Premium Brandy Nappa Sports Leather, 20" Elite Multi Spoke Alloy Wheels, 8" Digital Drivers Display, Bose Premium Audio System, Front Camera Pack, Rear View Camera, Adaptive Cruise Control, Advanced Park Assist, Rear Privacy Glass, Keyless Entry & Start, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Factory Fitted Towbar


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                          No they don't all have circle pads. They do all have Bluetooth buttons though.


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                            r6nick, on 01 February 2014 - 09:42 AM, said:
                            So much to learn...would I be laughed out the place if I offered 9k on a 10k car?
                            Maybe a bit low but if you offered ?9500 in cash they would be interested.
                            I want to go out of this world the way i came in...kicking and screaming and covered in somebody elses blood...


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                              Leather parking sensors? Is that for backing into your seat?