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Showroom valet near Northampton

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  • Showroom valet near Northampton

    Best to do it yourself. Im from N'pton and there's no one cheap about. Found one guy. Charges ?200 and its a full days works.

    Also,??when you say valet do you mean wash dry hoover or the full works?

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    I would be expecting to pay upwards of ?150 for the full works based on what I've read. It's easily a full days work.

    For ?95, I would be wanting to know exactly what they are doing, and with which products.


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      Claying wont get rid of swirls. Will need to be machine polished. Try the coachworks on clare steet off the kettering rd


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        If they use autoglyn SRP that is a filler rather than correction polish.


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          SRP is really good but not permanent as it fills the swirls. Filler will soon wash out. Good for a quick fix if your going out to a show or something. Machine polishing cuts and melts the clearcoat so its level with the bottom of the scratch/swirl marks. And will last unless you put more swirls in when washing your car


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            If you're looking at a total detail including, clay and machine polish then I'd expect to pay upwards of 250 up here. Most charge around 90 just for a full machine polish and wax. At 95 quid I'd be a little skeptical.