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Strange indicator fault

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  • Strange indicator fault

    ^^^ yep, been a few posts over the years regarding this. You might never experience this again, on the other hand it may happen a few times then disapear. If you are concerned about it suggest you disconnect the battery for 10 mins seems to cure all manner of ills - exception being dave16v whose only guaranteed cure is a gallon of the finest and a match

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    Happy Grumpz, on 10 March 2014 - 09:35 PM, said:
    Just out of interest, if you're on the phone using your Parrot kit and turn your indicators on, do the indicators make the clicking sound?

    You lose all electrical beeping noises if your using a Parrot kit. Mine is the same and it includes the door beeps and everything.


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      Had this a couple of times. Both times when I was in a hurry, and started the engine as soon as I could get the key in the ignition, rather than waiting for the all the lights to go out after the self-check cycle.
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        Had this haopen on mine today, very odd.

        No clicking noise when indicating.

        Will try the patient start up technique (which i normally do) and report back.

        Frickin gremlins...