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Xcarlink video interface - is it worth it?

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  • Xcarlink video interface - is it worth it?

    As topic says really, I am half-thinking about getting one of these with a rear view camera, but having trouble justifying the ?200 (plus camera) price tag!

    Does anyone have one? Are they worth the money?

    I know that I could apparently plug other video feeds into it, but I don't have anything portable enough to use other than my phone , and I'd probably need another special adapter for that!!

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    Well I took the plunge and ordered - kit was delivered today (interface and camera), so hope to try and find time to fit it this weekend.

    jsr645 - the instructions say the resolution is 800x400, so I would think plenty for a reversing camera!!


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      Fitted the camera today (interface tomorrow!) but unfortunately didn't take any pics - just wanted to get it done as I know the interface is going to be the far bigger job of the two...

      Went for this camera in the end - as I liked the idea of a bespoke camera for the car. The camera is fitted in the left light as you look at the rear of the car, and is at a slight angle to the 'light' section (see installed pic in link above) as the bumper is not straight - this enables the camera to look straight out.

      The hardest part of the install was getting the wires into the boot - I had to cut the grommet to get the plugs through and it was a bit fiddly trying to work behind the bumper without taking it off, but I got there in the end! The previous owner had a Witter removable towbar fitted so I was able to get access through the hole in the valance. If this wasn't there, you would probably have to remove the valance (rather than the whole bumper) to get access to feed the wires through.

      I then connected the live wire to the green/white reversing light wire and the earth to the bolt holding the rear fuse box. Then I ran the extension video cable (supplied with the camera) through the boot, under the rear seat and hid it underneath the passenger side door sills. It is currently in the passenger footwell awaiting the interface fitting tomorrow!

      I am probably going to fix the interface above the glove box - I read someone on here had cable-tied it to the metal crossmember and this sounds like the place to go. I would put it behind the ashtray, but this is currently the location of the Parrot control box, so there isn't room for both! I am hoping to pick up the switched live from the Parrot box and the permanent live from the lighter socket.

      More news (and hopefully some pics!) when I've destroyed the front of the car tomorrow...


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        RICHIERICH, on 21 December 2014 - 11:47 AM, said:
        Hi guys what interface are you using? Is it integral fitting within screen or external? and does it interace camera as well as mirroring smart phone etc.. Kind Regards Richie

        Is something similar to this


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