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  • Fixed after a crash

    Hello there,

    Last week f...r crashed into my side. My friend did have most of the part on his scrapyard so I have fixed the most of the car but still I have one issue with Service Airbag message and lamp. I know that the most of you would scrap it off, but I love my Siggy so much and in my country it is re-usable .

    Here is what I have problem with right now:

    Seatbelts were locked and I have changed them, working fine now.

    Roof airbag and Driver seat airbag were blown and I have replaced them too.

    But still I have Service Airbag message and red lamp on dashboard.

    I have china-clone opcom and have these readouts:

    B0015 (0D), B0022 (0D), B001A (0D), B001B (0D), B0014 (0D), B0016 (0D), B0052 (00), U0140 (00), B101D (00), B0085 (04), B0015 (0E), B001A (0E), B001A (02), B0022 (0E), B001B (0E)

    I can not do any programming there with my so-called opcom.

    I wonder if I replace Air Bag ECU Control Unit 13503645 will that remove airbag errors?

    Thanks in advance

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    you can do i think but it will have to come from another uncrashed siggy of the same model but i'm sure the errors can be reset in the existing ECU


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      would also need programming to the car as it shares a unique key with the bcm on setup
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