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Heater control delay

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  • Heater control delay

    Does anyone else’s insignia have a delay on the heater controls? I usually leave my car with the air direction facing the window and on myself, but have noticed that when the car is first started there is a delay of a varying amount of time for the vents to change direction especially onto the windscreen position. Also the fan took a while to actually come on tonight, the blower setting was on 3 and it took around 2 minutes for the fan to actually start moving any air. Any you guys have the same or have solved this? Car is a 16 plate Sri

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    I think that's normal. My insignia A 2013 MY Sri nav did it. And my Insignia B does it. I think because everything is computer controlled these days it does it in order of importance, the same as when you switch on the lap top. Mine sorted heating etc before it will turn the radio on. If you stay in the car a few minutes after switching off you hear all the vents go back to their static positions. Used to unnerve my wife if she was sat in the car when it did it!


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      If you have it on auto setting it could be waiting till there is enough coolant temperature to satisfy the demand .
      All my cars with AAC do that .the fan don't start till the coolant temperature is at a pre determined value .
      Try putting it on manual too see if that helps .



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        It shouldn't take 2 minutes for the fan to kick in.


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          All the settings are set to manual, maybe the fan motor is on its way out? Will keep a eye on it this week and see how it goes.