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Using android phone as dab via aux socket

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  • Using android phone as dab via aux socket

    hi all

    i thinking all i need to do for the above to work is simply connect my phone via cable and select aux, and pick my tune in app then i can get the radio output through the car.

    can anyone confirm this please

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    Think it should work...fairly sure i've done that with TuneIN Radio on my iPhone 5 through the USB on my Elite Nav with CD500 system.


    backing up the post just before me...yes TuneIN is streamed data over the data connection so will use your data allowance. As you mention i have unlimited data from 3 so its not a problem but data on the move can be an issue as you say. A better option for DAB may be one of the Pure Highway devices, i used to have one of these in my old Focus and worked a treat.


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      I sometimes use tune in app on my iPhone via USB so it then displays info on the dvd800 screen. I also have all you can eat data