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Heated seats problem

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  • Heated seats problem

    Alan, on 26 November 2014 - 11:31 AM, said:
    i have a 2011 Insignia elite with heated front seats.

    Lately when I turn in the drivers side it comes on firstly but after about a minute turns off automatically. It lets me turn it back on again but same thing happens.

    Any ideas where to look for the problem or a solution that anyone has come across?

    Must the time of year for them to fail....i have a 2010 Elite and mine are doing something very similar!

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    If it was a recall for the heated seat pads, which I think it was, then you should still get it fixed. I'd check with a dealer first!


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      As far as I know it wasn't an official recall but a Technical Services Bulletin, the heated mat needs replacing which means seat out and taking apart. I got mine done out of warranty by phoning Vauxhall Customer Services and they agreed to pay for it at my local dealers.