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Belkin Car Audio Connect Aux-Bluetooth

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  • Belkin Car Audio Connect Aux-Bluetooth

    I bought a similar device. Can't remember name. It was off eBay and cost 1.99. It works great. One lead that plugs into iPhone and other into aux in. One touch button on top of wee micro phone that stops or starts music and answer or finish calls! Great wee but if kit!

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    DanUK86, on 02 February 2015 - 08:24 PM, said:
    Sorry to bring back an old post. I thought the cigarette lighter sockets were always live. Do you you plug them each time u leave the car? I've been looking at getting one of these but didn't want a flat battery in the morning if I don't pull it out the socket.

    Cig lighters are not always live. I have my dashcam plugged into the centre armrest one. When you stop car turn off ignition then open drivers door, the power is cut to it.
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