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My car is posessed! Flickering lights, stereo on and off but no 'warnings'

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  • My car is posessed! Flickering lights, stereo on and off but no 'warnings'

    On addition to the previous post about the cd300 turning off and on again my car has rapidly developed more faults!

    No anything dash light related flickers on and off and even the interior and brake lights flicker in brightness with it.

    When its in a mood using anything like the brake (lights), indicators, revers, clutch would instigate the flickering. Hard ish acceleration might also although I'm less certain about that.

    The battery on my car has been struggling for some time so I replaced that today and had a perfectly find 18 mile drive back to work however upon coming home its been going bananas again, any ideas?

    Video for your amusement! ----->
    Any ideas at all?

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    Your video link is directing you to a totally different video.

    Unless it's fixed, it'll be removed as it doesn't associate itself with the issue you have with your car.


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      All fixed!


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        Originally posted by Norton View Post
        All fixed!
        That's impressive!

        No idea what might be causing that other than if you say it happens when you brake and possibly accelerate it would suggest to me something is moving and my guess and it is a guess would be water in somewhere like a fusebox or module? The fusebox under the bonnet can suffer with corrosion to the circuit board underneath where all the fuses/relays plug in. There are modules all over the car, some in places where we know water gets in, or it could be bad earth, check your battery connections and earth points around the nearside front strut mount.


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          I've checked everything around there and all the wiring behind the stereo etc, no breaks. It does it just sat there now, I don't think it is related to motion anymore. Sodding electrics...


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            Disconnect the battery for at least half an hour.
            vx electric gremlins isn't a myth.

            This usually resets the system.


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              I'll go try that now.


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                Any joy. Would almost a bad earth or voltage spikes. On the up note your dash looks clean.

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                  Click image for larger version

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                    Alternator is kaput. I've ordered another so I'll crack on with that in a day or two.


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                      Ok, so the alternator didn't fix it, well, only for 140 miles. I have a replacement alternator coming form the supplied I used for the one just fitted to rule that out. Has anyone had any experience of the ecu side of the charging system developing faults?


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                        Fixed, the earth strap from battery to chassis, 18 new from Vauxhall. Ffs. At least its fixed and only to be replaced by a new problem...