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    Eye pod classic user, no and yes are the answers you seek

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    You need to use the official Apple cable, and have the correct software installed. Which version of iOS are you using?

    There is a thread on here containing the ISO file for the update.


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      My 11 plate is fine with my I pod classic using Apple charging cable. Charges it up as well no problems.


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        Usb stick will work fine. android phones are hit and miss. Some need to be rooted some work ok.


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          Hi Pete,

          Apple or USB stick are fine, Android is not supported (as far as I'm aware), you will have to use the AUX socket for that.

          Some are reporting a maximum number of tracks for the USB stick (I think about 4000 from memory) and it can't be bigger than 32GB. Of course it will have to be physically small enough to fit in the drive so you can close the armrest cover!


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            Only time i've had an issue using my iPhone 5 with the USB port in mine was when i've had a non apple certified cable or a certified one that was about to snap so not working properly! It doesnt have to be an Apple one but has to be one that is certified by Apple. I used an Amazon Basics one for ages and currently using one i got via a deal on GroupOn.

            Did have some issues trying to use my old iPhone 3GS purely as a music player but i think thats down to the fact it was jailbroken.


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              Using the iPod\iPhone you can have playlists etc.

              As mentioned i use my iPhone with my Elite Nav with CD500 set up. When plugged in it charges my phone and i can use either the central control wheel or the one on the stereo itself to play from playlists, albums, artists etc plus i get all the track info on the screen and can use the steering wheel controls to skip tracks etc. I've got a USB stick in the central console with some music on for emergencies in case i've left my cable at work where it doubles up as my charging cable from my PC but its loads better having the iPhone plugged in.

              In theory you could set up your music on your iPod Touch, plug it into the car and then shut it away in the centre console and not have to worry about things. It should charge when the car is in use so can just be left switched on and will be there as and when you need it. It doesnt charge if the ignition isnt on so should drain anything.