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    I don’t know if this is the right topic,but I will try.
    So I have this big massive problem, yesterday I cleaned my car, and wanted to try to repair my parking sensor, by changing the fuse, and it worked, I was so happy, but after fev minutes, all driver’s panel started to blinking, and something started to smell like burning, so I fast turned off my car, and then everything stopped, I can’t turn on my car back again, even speedometers look like car would be still on, I checked the fuses and turns out that the DIC fuse is melted, when I checked the power in there, there are no power. What happened? Please help me.

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    First off remove battery and leave for half an hour, remove fuse fir parking sensors, check continuity across dic fuse holder, if ok then replace dic fuse,
    and put battery back on ,
    If not ok then start looking and testing for shorts .
    Did you replace the parking sensors fuse with one of same amperage?



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      No,i replace it with bit stronger.


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        Originally posted by LatvianInsignia View Post
        No,i replace it with bit stronger.
        that is very bad move as you found out.. you've increased the ampage capacity so rather than fuse blowing its melting wires instead so you mayhave done more damage... You now need to get a multimeter and see which is the 'live' side of the fuse and which is the side which feeds the module... then you can check resistance between that and ground and see if you have a short.. If so, then you will need to investigate and remedy the short or get it to an auto-electrician
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          Yeah that was a pretty dumb move of me, as I am electrician my self, but just not about cars. Yeah, I got car electrician and I will have him to check my car, I find that some wires are melted in parking sensor. Anyway, thank you for your advices!