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Front Seats, fitting dvd headrests

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  • Front Seats, fitting dvd headrests

    Hoping someone can shed some light on my task ahead, I have pealed back the covers of the front seats to get to the headrests.

    1. Does anyone know how the headrests come away from the seat frame, tried giving it a good yank but i dont think brute force is going to work. I have hunted high and low for diagrams to no avail

    2. The single wire that comes from the drivers seat headrest where is the split so I disconnect it.??

    Any Help would be most appreciated.

    The Haynes Manual doesnt have a topic on this

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    I can't help, but would be interested in what you are fitting, and how you do it.


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      Well i got the headrests out

      When you know how its quite easy, maybe i went the long way round but theres no how tos on the web.

      1. undo the back cover of the seat on the righthandside at the bottom theres a small lip give it a tug and it will release the back cover on plastic strips, when you have released both sides theres also 2 clipped to the frame of the seat and 2 small ones clipped to the backing (cage) if you like of the seat to.

      2. To remove the headrest, theres as pin holding each pole in place with a nail and some brute force move it anticlockwise and it will release the headrest same with the otherside but dont pull it all the way.

      3. the wire, its connected to the bottom of the seat , its just a steel rope on tensioners with a stopping block at the end (which is an arse to remove).

      4. Now the headrest will just slide out.

      5. It took me best of 1 hour to do it but trial and error.

      Unfortunatley my dvd headrests are up at my holiday home, so al be fitting them on Saturday Evening.. heres my progress upto now, Ive decided to leave the covers undone till its all fitted :

      When its all fitted and working al post some more pictures


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        Thanks for that. I've got the heated leather electric seats so I wonder how different the process is. My little one is only 6 months old but once she is older and wants the DVDs I think I prefer the clean look of built in.


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          Glad to be of some help


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            Did you ever fit the DVD headrests? If so what DVD units did you use and have you got the pics after install?


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              It's ok I have found the other post.


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                Install Photos


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                  They are xtrons :


                  Its bin a while since i have fitted them, they come with a pole adaptor and i think u can adjust the width of the poles so they fit into your seat holes, the wires for the dvd/screens are in the poles just feed them through the holes in the seats and then the poles, theres a little rubber ring on 1 pole on each side for your desired height. I have mine right at the bottom. would say buy some cheap in ear headphones from asda as the ones that come with it are kak.