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  • Reverse Camera Interface

    Hi, been looking to get one of these for some time, already got the camera, found this UK supplier last night, what do you think has anyone used them? http://www.xcarlink....6&cat=41&page=1?? ?189.98 plus ?6.07 delivery

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    biffbangpow, on 12 September 2014 - 11:12 PM, said:
    is there a how 2 for this

    as i have bought one

    any pics etc , dashboard strip down , wire runs , etc


    I fitted mine a couple of weeks ago, but haven't had time to do a post on it yet! Will do it if I get a chance... Had a couple of problems and it took a lot longer than it should have done, but got there in the end and could have avoided the issues if I had wired if differently!

    Feel free to ask anything you like about it, I'll try and answer you competently!


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      Just me trying to cut corners and mucking other stuff up!

      I wired the ignition live of the interface box up to the ignition live of my Parrot bluetooth, and somehow killed the Parrot! Once I'd worked out how to fix it, it was easy - I just rewired the ignition live to the lighter socket (probably what I should have done to start with) and it's been working fine ever since! (the Parrot's still dead though, soon to be replaced with factory Bluetooth a la Martyn!)

      I didn't bother with the permanent live (partly cause I couldn't find an easy one to connect to!) as I'm only using the interface for the camera and not for the DVD/device connection. If you're using the AUX connections, you'll need the permanent live to be able to run the devices through the screen with the ignition off.

      Make sure you connect the wires properly (I used chocolate blocks) rather than using Scotchblocks as they have been known to fail easily/not give a good connection.