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  • Electronic Tyre pressure's

    I'm guessing there are sensors in the tyre so new wheel will need one

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    armstma1, on 05 October 2013 - 09:33 PM, said:
    My last car and this one has them the valve stem has a sensor on the back. If you change tyres front to back it confuses the car display shows them back to front, it eventually learns of you can manually retrain it.

    I'm about to swap my wheels front to back. How please do I "manually retrain".




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      daveg, on 06 October 2013 - 09:37 AM, said:
      I'm about to swap my wheels front to back. How please do I "manually retrain".



      The sensors are motion activated. After you swap the wheels, leave the car parked for at least 20 mins so that the sensors go back into stand-by mode.

      When you next drive the car, the system will auto-learn the new positions of the wheels. It will take about 20 minutes of driving before the monitoring system sorts itself out. The display will give some confusing readings initially, but should eventually make sense.

      To manually retrain the system requires the use of a TPMS diagnostic programmer. Unless you want to buy one, you would need to visit a dealership or one of the better equipped tyre fitting centres. Unless there is a problem with the auto-learn process, it is not worth the expense.

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        Thanks Dean (again!).

        I'm happy that the car learns by itself.

        I had interpreted otherwise from the previous posting.



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          I've never really thought much about this before, but I wonder how it knows which corner the valve is reporting?


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            As I understand it, the TPMS control unit is mounted in the centre of the bulkhead behind the rear bumper. I think it determines the sensor positions by timing the signal delay for each sensor. It must have at least two antennas, to be able to determine front/rear, left/right position. Each sensor has it's own unique id code, which allows the control unit to fix its position on the car.

            The time differences are very small, which is why it will take a while for the system to register changes such as swapping wheels, or replacing sensors.
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              armstma1, on 11 October 2013 - 03:49 PM, said:
              If it's in the centre of the rear number all timings would be identical surely? For that to apply it would need mounted off centre....

              That is why I said that the unit would have 2 antennas built in. The unit will receive rear axle signals slightly ahead of those from the front, and will determine whether left or right based on which antenna registers a signal first.

              The following links show the position of the control unit, marked as item 10

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                It sounds like you didn't leave the winter tyres on long enough for the snesors to give a proper reading. It can take 20-30 minutes and a number of miles before an accurate reading is present
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                  Oggy, on 29 November 2015 - 12:59 PM, said:
                  There is one antenna, sensor is sending info on pressure, temp and rotation. Info on rotation determine is it left or right side and signal strength determine front or rear...

                  I study this before getting set of 4 TPMS, but when I install them on winter set, nothing happens.

                  They showed value from old(summer) set still in car and continue so for couple of miles after I remove old set from car, then all 4 showed -- (30 min driving with stops, without summer tires in car) , had couple city drive and few days later after 10-15 min drive on highway DIC said "winter tire detected". Is it possible that all 4 TPMS are bad( they are china clone) or some programing is needed at dealer?

                  I read in other topic that you got set of 19" with TPMS and change them without problem. What am I missing?!?

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                  Could be that the "china clone"??valves/sensors are an issue. I bought genuine ones from a Schrader agent.

                  Once I had fitted the wheels and adjusted the pressures, I left the car parked for 20 minutes before starting and driving it.

                  When I started driving, it was a good 10 miles before the display readings sorted themselves out.

                  When I put the original wheels back on the car, prior to trading it in, the original sensors were re-learned in exactly the same way. The car was a 2013 Elite.

                  I have compared the relevant sections in 2009 and 2013 handbooks, and description of the auto learn process is identical in both copies.

                  You could try temporarily putting your summer wheels back on the car, and seeing whether the TPMS re-learns them. That should confirm whether you have a faulty set of sensors

                  Remember that the car must sit for 20 minutes after changing the wheels or adjusting the pressures.

                  If you still have problems, then it might be possible to reset the TPMS via the diagnostic port using a code reader. Or, you could try disconnecting the car's battery for 20 minutes.
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