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Instrument Cluster Lights Fault

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  • Instrument Cluster Lights Fault

    Its probably the LED's getting worn out.

    Dealer will say you need new clocks plus programming. I can take them apart and do a colour conversion for you. I may have a few standard LED's knocking around in which case you can replace the few LED's that are at fault but its never the best idea to solder in used LED's.

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    I've found 4 original LED's if your confident in soldering I can send them to you.


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      That would do my head in!


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        Riyaz27, on 05 May 2015 - 12:03 AM, said:
        Managed to fix yours?

        had this issue with mine.

        sometimes on a long journey mine might come back on if it wasn't lit when i started. Sometimes it goes off when driving.

        the back lighting behind the rev counter and fuel gauge are the ones causing the issues. can cause headaches when it starts to flicker but usually it goes into 1 of the 2 states mentioned.

        its out of warranty now and wondering how costly it'll be just because of the LEDs.

        As Unilateral said they can be replaced, you just need to solder them in. There is a how to somewhere on the forum detailing how to do it. Unilateral was the man to see but he has stopped doing the conversions just now.