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simpleton requires remap advice! Who, Why, Where.....

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  • simpleton requires remap advice! Who, Why, Where.....

    TMS if it's still in warranty. Or wait till it's out and go elsewhere. Heard a few talking about Regal. You should see just over the 200bhp.

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    I'm desperate to get my car remapped but I've still not heard of anywhere that's figured out the 12 plate ecu's yet.

    YM11 BAD said he could but he's not got back to me since so I'm still searching.


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      I can get to anywhere!

      Yeah, I believe it's a tri core version. It's the only car I've had since 2002 that I've not had remapped so far. If you don't mind asking for me that would be great.


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        That's pretty gutting. I really feel that my car is underpowered.

        On a positive note, if your after led drl's then that can be done. You need a pair of peraccurate LEDs and a pair of resistors. I've got them in mine now and I have led drl and side lights that dim properly with no errors at all.