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How many people on here have had this noise from their engine?

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  • How many people on here have had this noise from their engine?

    got this on my 2ldti 160 going in garage next week for the belt changing but there seams to be abit of confusion is it the belt or not ,couple of you guys who have had it into the garage what did they say was it the belt did they change did it work

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    Had this on my Vectra 150 and it was the water pump.??It may be the same issue???Did anyone ever get their noise sorted?


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      there is another thread on this , might want to check it out


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        well has the other thread states if you poor water on the aux belt when you first start it up on a morning and the noise disappears its to do with the belt or maybe tensioner??if its still there I would be tempted to take it back to the garage??take a look at this thread theres a u tube video there ?? http://www.insignia-...wtopic=10237=


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          Big Fra, on 07 April 2014 - 07:25 PM, said:
          I've just found this video on the tube, and it appears I'm not alone with this issue on my car.

          How many people on here have or had this fault, and what got it sorted?

          (I don't know how to put the video in the post. sorry)

          This kind of sound comes from waterpump's bearing.


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            the water pump is on the timing belt .. if you do the water test on the aux belt and the sound goes its something on the aux belt side ???


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              Scaremongering that it is definitely the water pump is nonsense, pour a wee drop of water on the belt and if it goes away it's not the pump, if it stays then it is most likely the pump. Mine made the same noise, changed the pipe when i was changing the power steering pipe that had split and voila, no more noise!