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DPF Idea - Would It Work

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  • DPF Idea - Would It Work

    When black soot clouds come out the exhaust it will be obvious to the mot guys and the police that the dpf has been tampered with

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    m8internet, on 15 April 2014 - 06:28 PM, said:

    Not on my previous 2005MY Vectra C V6 CDTI

    Black smoke was normal for the Y30DT engine, even from new, but became worse when the EGR Valve failed

    Not seen any smoke on this A20DTR engine, always had some in previous diesels and normally visible in the headlights of following vehicles; impressive

    Older diesels dont have a dpf. If a car that has a dpf out of the factory gives off black smoke then it will fail as the dpf collects soot and if its tampered with it will be obvious


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      The emissions test and the visible black smoke test are different. Black smoke is carbon deposits which the dpf is meant to collect. The emissions test measures the levels of NOx and other gases you cant see. Cars fitted with a dpf that give off black soot can pass the emissions test but should fail on visible black soot. It the tester passes the car then he isnt doing his job right. So many mot testers pass cars that fail on emissions or headlamp aim because they cba to deal with it. And they get away with it because they can say it all happened after the test


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        on an Opel Meeting in Dronten (NL) i found this shop.

        They have an DPF Replacementpipe and an Modded ECU-Software.


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          the removal is illegal in Germany too

          But a lot of Dieseldrivers, change the Removal Pipe with an Dummy DPF, for Daily driving and Police check.

          Then for the MOT (in Germany HU (populary T?V)), they change it to the original, or drive with the Dummy.


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            I`ve never noticed mine doing a regen either
            I want to go out of this world the way i came in...kicking and screaming and covered in somebody elses blood...


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              If the internals of the DPF are removed you no longer have a DPF fitted, only a part of the exhaust system that has the appearance of a DPF.

              As andy-g says that is now illegal so why are people even discussing it.

              If you don't like a diesel car change it for petrol.


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                Trying to help people by breaking the law and leading them into a possibly expensive bill if found out.


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                  franka, on 06 May 2014 - 10:08 AM, said:
                  Trying to help people by breaking the law and leading them into a possibly expensive bill if found out.

                  To play devils advocate.... isn't that the customers choice?

                  They haven't banned or made illegal the process of removing the dpf (AFAIK), just that one should be present for the MOT. Therefore if someone had the know how, they could remove and map out for 364 days a year and replace for one day a year.

                  To be clear, I have no intention of removing my dpf. But then I use my car for what is was broadly intended for (mways 80% town 20%). The issue is that modern diesels just don't like town work. If I did lots of town driving i would have purchased a petrol.

                  Isn't this similair to all post 92 reg cars required a Cat? I removed my cat on an old car and had a tube made up so i could replace it when i sold the car, never failed an MOT in all the time i owned it.


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                    Removing the dpf IS illegal. If fitted from new it must remain on the car.

                    Read the above article and then decide whether or not to risk the potentially heavy fine, or in the extreme case the impounding of your vehicle.