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Air filter upgrade

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  • Air filter upgrade

    I believe it's the oil on the k&n's that don't play nice with the maf sensor.

    Out the box these are fine but many people over oil them when cleaning.

    I don't know if these make any difference,??but I'm sticking to oem on mine.

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    It had no headlights?


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      No point upgrading air filters in turbocharged cars. The turbos are more than strong enough to pull air through a tiny surface area without breaking a sweat. And no need to have the air box hanging outside the car or a cold air feed as the intercooler will cool the air anyway

      I agree with andy g. Standard air filter changed regularly is best


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        punkrulesok, on 02 February 2014 - 12:41 PM, said:
        A friend of mine went to the factory in Warrington when K&N first came to the UK in the late 70s.??They demonstrated the difference in air flow, which was big.?? You have the understand the difference between air flow, and air volume.

        This may be true in a naturally aspirated engine but with turbo charged engines the limiting factor is what your boost control valve is set to. Whos ever seen a twin turbo supra with huge air intakes? No one. The turbos pull plenty of air in and the intercoolers cool the air to make it denser and boost control valve will limit the air pressure