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Power steering pipe replacment

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  • Power steering pipe replacment

    There was a recall on this worth checking it out

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    It's down as a Technical Service Bulletin. Had mine done last month free of charge by my local dealer. Had to phone Vauxhall Customer Service a few times to argue my point before they paid 100%.


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      This has just happened to my car. The Power Steering pipe on the Front-Off-Side of the engine has developed a pin hole next to the clip which secures it to the sub-frame, the pipe must have rubbed on the clip. Most of my power steering fluid was lost and I had to call out the RAC for assistance. Is this the pipe that was mentioned on Watchdog last year? I asked about this at the dealers, after I saw the program, but I was told my car was not part of any recall? Any advice welcome


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        VX refused point blank to repair mine or to even contribute towards it. I ended up paying ?110 for the parts (pipe, 1ltr fluid & belt) from Peter Vardy (By far the best dealership I have ever dealt with) & then ?80 for my own mechanic to fit it (2 hours labour). I stood with him while he worked on it & it was very fiddly to get the pipe in place but it's done now