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Start Stop - Stopped working

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  • Start Stop - Stopped working

    Hi all,

    My start stop seems to have stopped start stopping

    I've not changed anything either, so anyone have any ideas?

    I actually found it rather anoying, but now its stopped, i'm wondering why???


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    Hi Dave - Thats what i am thinking now, although it did used to work with the aircon etc on, but would restart after 30secs or so if i hadnt moved.??I'll have another check tomorrow.



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      The stop-start system helps to save

      fuel and to reduce the exhaust

      emissions. When conditions allow, it

      switches off the engine as soon as the

      vehicle is at a low speed or at a

      standstill, e.g. at a traffic light or in a

      traffic jam. It starts the engine

      automatically as soon as the clutch is

      depressed. A battery sensor ensures

      that an Autostop is only performed if

      the vehicle battery is sufficiently

      charged for a restart.


      The stop-start system is available as

      soon as the engine is started, the

      vehicle starts-off and the conditions

      as stated below in this section are



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        Thanks Ralby - I read the manual and yes, thats correct - but now its stopped doing so.??I'll turn everything off and try tomorrow.


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          Dave2166, on 25 May 2014 - 08:32 PM, said:
          just a thought, last time i was at the dealers, and in the past few months i've become first name friends with most of the service guys, i overheard a conversation on similar lines, apparently these new batteries can hold sufficient charge to start the car normally, but below a certain % it will prevent s/s from working.... the quote of mostly short journeys being the cause was mentioned..

          maybe a good long blast on the motorway is needed for a few hours, cos the price of these new batteries isnt cheap

          I wish that was the case.??I've only had the car from new new (14 plate) and done nearly 8000 miles now. my trips are not short trips


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            Tried all sorts today, but couldn't get it to work, then when i got out of the car the last time, the fans were on, so maybe it's the fans, and i haven't noticed them before???Possibly because of all the warm weather???I'll try it in the morning - at least it should be cooler then, so no fans!