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Anyone taken the insignia to corten-millers?

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  • Anyone taken the insignia to corten-millers?

    Although still illegal! In fact, wouldn't it also be fraud, making out it is there when in fact it isn't?

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    Tom ling, on 22 July 2014 - 05:39 PM, said:
    Hi peeps I'm just waiting to sort my intercooler pipe out then once I can afford it I'm going over to corten millers to get it mapped and the DPF taken out anyone on here had it done there? seen a review on their website of an insignia owner just wondered if he/she was on here, many thanks tom.

    Did you get this done in the end at corten millers??

    If so is this the one in Boston? And how did it turn out, all working ok?


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      sportstourer2011, on 31 January 2015 - 10:25 AM, said:
      Hi Pondi81,

      I had mine done at Corten Millers some 8 months ago and it is still running perfectly and i have done over 15,000 miles since it was done. They are brilliant and hugely knowledgable lads there! They got 195 BHP out of it and i'm scheduled to return to have a bigger turbo put in this year with them. My MPG has gone up to around 51-53 on a long run.

      Thanks for quick response. I'm from essex myself but at the father in laws at the moment which is only 20 mins up road from this place so could possibly get done on next visit. 195 would be nice to have. Was your siggy the 130 or 160 model?

      I need someone who knows what they are doing as before I goty car it had the dpf removed and had a remap. Don't think the remap added any power though it was just to take dpf out.


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        dandos23, on 31 January 2015 - 11:15 AM, said:

        If you dont mind, who are you insured with? My insurance company wont insure me if I get a remap.

        I think that you will have the same problem as me as we have the same cars. The 130 has a different gearbox to the 160 and it wont take the Nm of a remap like that. At least that is what I heard anyway.
        . Yeah I have read the 130 has the cheap and cheerful gearbox but??sure if I don't drive it hard 24/7 which I won't that it would be ok. im sure some people on here have remapped the 130's and everything has been ok so far