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How to get my siggy over 200bhp.

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  • How to get my siggy over 200bhp.

    I think the Bluespark box that mmiah has just fitted takes the 160 to 204
    ​2015 Sri vx line nav Biturbo . Sri heated leather.5500k AFL . Vx line 20s,8inch LCD dash .FLEXride.Reverse cam.Irmscher grill.235hp and 480 torqs.30mm lowering springs.20mm H&R spacers all round. Mtec drilled discs on rear,VXR 355mm drilled on front,with Brembo 4 pot calipers. Auto wipers .VX puddle lights.Carbon effect black roof wrap.Irmscher roof spoiler.Irmscher side skirts.

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    +1 for bluespark. Alot cheaper than the other options. 208bhp and 446Nm of torque. Trust me you will definitely feel the difference. Took my mate out for a drive earlier. Didnt tell him i had a box fitted. Put my foot down and he was like holy sh*t. Car j


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      Hi Guys

      when you mention Blue spark - do you meant the following:


      How to fit one of these and dues it really work?

      I am still learing all this. Apologies for the silly question. God Bless


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        252 quid the box. It controls your fuel and boost. Mpg is the same or slightly better with like for like driving. But i been too tempted to floor it recently


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          Pro + boost control


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            D4NNTH33M4NN, on 27 July 2014 - 09:46 PM, said:

            Have you got a link for this. I found one but it's ?279.99 ?

            Thats the normal price but i spoke to Edd at Bluespark and got us a forum discount


            and heres the start of my review with pics



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              Unilateral has run his on a dyno. And He got 195 and that was on a medium setting. Turbo only forces air in. The other components play a role in the final power output