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Preparing a glow plug change

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  • Preparing a glow plug change

    Releasing agent (plus-gas/wd40/any other preferred brand) applied every day for about a week, made the job easier on my vec-c.

    Used to do this before leaving in a morning (engine cold) and after getting home (engine warm).

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    I agree with Paul. Just because it's a pig of a job doesn't mean it's expensive. Get a mechanic to do it.

    Take changing the headlights for example. I'd happily pay halfords ?7 to shed their hands changing some of the bulbs.


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      perschul, on 30 July 2014 - 02:32 PM, said:
      I assume you used the releasing stuff around the plug on the outside. Are you sure that applying that was helping you?

      If any lubricant should be able to find it?s way from the outside to the inside where the carbon build up around the plug is, then there would have to be a leak in the thred.

      I was thinking that some sort of additive could release / remove the carbon over some time.

      Fair point, and I didn't try them to see if they were seized first.

      Just did this as a preventative measure, sure enough they came out quite easily.

      Could have been placebo...

      Now, I also use millers diesel additive, which allegedly reduces carbon build up by producing a cleaner burn of the fuel.

      Millers could also be placebo...


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        perschul, on 30 July 2014 - 09:47 AM, said:
        In the good old days I recall using destilled water pured into the carburator at high idle to remove carbon build up