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Service Vehicle Soon but no loss of power ?

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  • Service Vehicle Soon but no loss of power ?

    Could be a glow plug - can test yourself if you have a multimeter.

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    D4NNTH33M4NN, on 06 August 2014 - 12:19 PM, said:
    Hi guys me again ! So this time I have got the SVS light coming up every time I start the car but nothing noticeably wrong with it ? Still have my power I don't have limp mode however I don't believe it is pulling aswell. I may have just convinced myself but I think I can hear air being pushed out of somewhere while accelerating so checked the intercooler pipe which I heard is a common thing to go but I can't find any splits however I may have missed it as just had a look under the bonnet didn't have it off. Does this sound like what could be wrong ? Anybody got any ideas before I take back to vauxhall tonight ? Thanks.


    I hade the same think for couple of moths , SVS light come up every single time, before starting the engine.

    Few days ago the SVS light - disappeared ,??didn't show up any more.

    Then I got??very worried. You know, there was a problem and now it gone.

    So, yesterday??I booked my siggy to the local garage ( on Saturday ),also decided change timing belt and water pump...

    Today my missis came back from work , and she said , siggy lost the power...

    So , there you go , " the b*ch is back" I mean the problem came back.

    Jumped in to the car and, SVS light is back. I checked inter cooler hose for a spilt signs at the top and at the bottom by removing a fog lamp grill, can't see or feel any splits . Felt some wind coming strait into my face while was looking at the hose, but turns out it was from the rad fans

    Run the test drive, and another warning??light came up ; remaining oil life??is 0%

    So, am hopping everything will be okay when I change the oil and timing belt.

    I also


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      Hi all

      So I left my siggy in the garage this morning

      Full servise , Oli , filters ...

      Timing belt, water pump...

      And at the end , my Man told me, will have a play time with a diagnostic compiuter.