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Has this timing belt been changed ?

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  • Has this timing belt been changed ?

    Are the 1500 miles on the new engine, miles that you have added?

    A new crate engine should come fully assembled with all the ancilliaries already attached. It should just be a straight out/in swap.

    On the other hand, a short engine would comprise just the block, internals and cylinder head. Everything else would have to be transplanted from the old unit.

    If you were supplied a short engine, then the dealer could well have re-used the cambelt. But I would be bit suspicious if they had.

    From what little I can see in the picture, It appears that a short engine was supplied. Compare how clean the camshaft pulley on the right is, with the injection pump pulley on the left.

    I think the belt looks fairly new though. I would have thaought that after 72000 miles, most of the white printing would have been worn off by the water pump pulley. (The plain one at the bottom right of the picture.)
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    petrolhead55, on 10 August 2014 - 09:25 PM, said:
    Am I right in saying that the belt had undergone undue stress with the water trying to get compressed ?

    I would say that would be unlkely. The damage caused by water ingress was mainly to the bottom end. Crankshaft, conrod and piston trying to compress the incompressible.

    But if in doubt, replace the belt.
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      My siggy??timing belt was done on Saturday 370? Including the belt kit price.


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          Ignore two last post

          Sorry lads for that mistake


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            Sounds about right. Charge the owner twice as often, instead of designing a robust part in the first place. Bet they are still using it on the facelift models.
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