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  • DPF Regen..Replace...

    Get dpf deleted...the dpf is still there just that the internals are missing and the sensors have been turned off. And no more problems ever

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    Masterjee, on 23 August 2014 - 09:17 PM, said:
    I just had mine done yesterday - had so much trouble with the DPF - had a forced regen but the problem kept coming back. So I've had it removed, a remap and a full service. The car is so much better - the remap gives just over 200 bhp and it certainly feels like it - so much smoother. The drive to the place in Bradford was hell - it would not get over 3000 revs! Going up the M62 at just over 40mph was a fright with lorries up my backside! The journey back was such a pleasure!

    Have a look at the pictures here:


    Would recommend them too

    Good man yourself!!