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Walkie Torquey?

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  • Walkie Torquey?

    Those weigh figures in kg? An insignia does not weight over 2 tons

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    Hello, there is some difference that us noticeable when comparing the 130 and 160.

    Although I believe the 160 has a better (stronger) gearbox, however I am unsure if the ratios are different.

    I believe ecoflex models have a longer 6th gear ratio desigbed for mway cruising.

    My 160 is non eco flex and can accelerate well in 6th from about 55 to licence losing speeds at a comfortable rate of knots, without the need to drop it a cog (so's to speak). Think mway overtaking etc.

    I'm no expert, just my thoughts. ..


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      Are you sure those weights are not fully loaded?


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        Both ecoflex and non ecoflex have the same 0-60 time. I've driven both in a 160 version and really can't tell the difference


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          I think the difference in eco flex is in 6th.

          The op was asking for opinions on 6th gear "usability"


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            On a flat i put mine in 6th at around 50mph and have no trouble pulling away and it keeps going and going. 160 ecoflex 61plate. Im worried that one day i'd put my foot and look at the speedo and be doing 130mph


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              We should try and do a real life test at some point.

              Pre face 130 vs 160 non-eco and ecoflex.

              Just 50-70 in 6th would do the trick.


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                I can set my iobd2 to time it. Set it to start the timer at 50 and stop when the car reaches 70. Will have to plan a meet. Might try it with and without my bluespark plugged in to see what difference it makes


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                  Holymoly, on 26 August 2014 - 05:19 PM, said:
                  Those are lbs mate. 2.2 lbs in a kg??;-)

                  They're still wrong!

                  Kerb weight for a CDTi 130 Hatch (without options) is 1613kg or 3555 lbs.
                  Elite ST 2.0i Auto. Power Red With All The Toys


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                    Holymoly, on 27 August 2014 - 12:55 PM, said:
                    Well I don't know then. I just pulled them off the Arnold Clark website

                    LOL, speaks volumes about Arnold Clarke.