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Depleting fuel consumption over time.

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  • Depleting fuel consumption over time.

    L20VAN, on 03 September 2014 - 10:04 AM, said:
    Hi all,

    I've put this in general chat but copy & pasted it into here as well to get more coverage.

    Finally got to the bottom of my depleting fuel consumption. Had it in for new front pads/discs at my local dealer (Dobies - Workington) and asked them to check for fault codes due to only getting 38 or less mpg when we were getting 48ish 18 months ago when we bought it. Had it in for a service in Feb/March from the dealer we bought it from (JCT600 - Bradford) and they apparently checked for any issues without finding anything. Dobies have found fault codes stating there is a malfunction with the glow plugs causing the engine not to re-gen properly, thus using more and more fuel. It came out of its warranty 2 months ago, but because I mentioned it to JCT600 when it was still well within its 3 year warranty I would have expected Vauxhall to honour the repair (quote of £374.85 all in), Dobies contacted Vauxhall but they won't even contribute a penny. Guess who's gonna be contacting them now? I raised issue on here back in Sept 2013 on consumption not being as expected, so if they need proof I've got it on here (see link).


    I then reported afterwards (in someone else's post) that i'd had it checked by JCT600 without finding any issues. Strange, did they actually check for this is my question?


    This could be a problem that many of us have without knowing it, there are possible issues with boost valves etc but it might be worth loking at the glow plugs as the reason for poor consumption

    I'll update after I've spoken to Vauxhall. Wish me luck. Auto express could be the next to be informed if I get no joy.


    Auto Express aren't much use to be honest. Been there done that and got no further. Hopefully VX will be of better help. Go straight to the Excecutive Team. If you want a contact PM me.

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      Going to the exec team made no difference for me with my steering pipe issue, VX point blank refused to help at all. Scunnered with the car now but hopefully you get a successful outcome from them


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        Sorry to hear that mate, having went through the same drama with VX I have come to the conclusion that they really don't give a toss once they have your money. My dealer was brilliant (Peter Vardy Motherwell), they tried their best to get me goodwill & even held the job open for me while I contacted VX myself. When I got no satisfaction they sold me the parts at trade price so that I could get my own mechanic to do the work for me.