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HELP - 09 Sri 2.0 cdti 130 dpf removal

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  • HELP - 09 Sri 2.0 cdti 130 dpf removal

    Advice needed please.

    I purchased my SRI 130 nav 2 weeks ago now and the owner was very honest and explained that the dpf had been removed and engine re mapped to accommodate this. I did a quick internet search and found dpf was a problem and that they can be removed. What was stupid of me and I admit this is that I have now read it is illegal to have a dpf removed if the car was fitted with one originally. I was an idiot in not researching this further.?? Now on the plus side the dpf was removed (apparently) in jan 2014??and the MOT was done in June 2014. I purchased the car in August 2014. So I still have. 8 months roughly MOT.

    I also paid ?180 for an AA vehicle inspection and all was ok apart from a few minor problems.

    A few questions..

    1)??is all ok or do I expect an expensive bill to replace dpf?

    2)Am I driving illegally?

    3)What are my options regarding the above?

    4) can I still get my car chipped or do I need to know details of previous re map?

    Await your helpfull responses.



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    Although it will pass the mot, it is still illegal.


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      Thanks for your responses