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Car doesn't seem to pull like it used to after intercooler outlet hose change

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  • Car doesn't seem to pull like it used to after intercooler outlet hose change

    Did you do a regen on the DPF? mine feels fine after changing the pipe & doing a regen. Also cleared the fault codes so it could be either of these I suppose

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    Hmm maybe worth getting code read again. Fingers crossed it's nothing too serious


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      Always a good idea to get them read when you have issues with it, it just gives you a clearer picture of whats going on (if anything).


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        The DPF could be blocked more than normal but not enough to trigger the EML? Mine doesn't feel underpowered after I changed the pipe but I did force regen mine to make sure it wouldn't be


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          bigteggs, on 13 September 2014 - 07:54 PM, said:
          Have you got your own code reader? I've got a similar problem where my SVS light has come on and today found oil on the intercooler pipe but my local dealer wants 86 quid to read the codes.

          Find an independent garage to read the codes, if there is oil on that pipe then 99% sure it has split. Vauxhall won't have the part in stock, there was 10k on back order last time I heard. This pipe fails pretty much on every car!

          Toon it could be like you said earlier, your getting used to the power now. Mine is the 160bhp and i'm getting used to that


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            Surely running the engine will pressurize the pipe? I'm sure??mine does but i could be imagining things haha


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              Yup that's the one you need, and it is cheaper than any dealer. As long as it comes exactly like that it'll take you about half an hour max to change yourself