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Used Insignia... Automatic or Manual?

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  • Used Insignia... Automatic or Manual?

    I had an auto that was fantastic for 7 months till VX started messing about with the software. I hope they've since sorted this do make sure the one you buy has had all the recalls it required. The only issue I didn't like about the auto (having driven BMW, VW and Land Rover autos) was it's ability to hang on to gears too long. For example still in 3rd at over 30 mph and then jumping between 3rd/4th as it couldn't make up it's mind.

    The best advice I could give you is to test drive the cars in the same traffic that you sit in daily and see which one you could live with better. Good luck with your hunt.

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    I was on 54mpg when I first got it on motorways and 28.4mpg when they messed it up! You should manage 45+ on a motorway within the speed limits! :-)