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CDTI 160 coolant leak, 2l of coolant loss - damage?

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  • CDTI 160 coolant leak, 2l of coolant loss - damage?

    It should have given you a warning code that your coolant level was low. Mine did/does show when it is low. Keep your eye on it though because the EGR coolers are known to split & need replaced. You will get a good hint if you are topping off the coolant every couple of days.

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    I had a similar problem. Wet patch under the car after a longish drive, coolant kept falling and i had to keep topping it up. Then as if by magic the coolant stopped falling.

    Booked it into the dealer last week and explained the situation. Expected them to say, "no problem sir, we cannot find any leaks". No, after a low pressure test on the cooling system they found a leak from the inlet manifold??gasket. Being repaired as i write this all under warranty.

    Looked on TIS and the labour for this job is put at 4.1 hours. A horrendous bill if i was paying.


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      When you noticed that the coolant was low, was there any still visible in the header tank?

      Provided there was enough coolant in the system to keep the cylinder head cooled, you should be ok. Mystery is, where did it go?

      I'm not absolutely sure, but I think the autobox has an independant oil cooler, so it would not be affected by coolant loss.
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        If there is no bubbling, the level is stable, and the car is performing as expected. Then I would say you are ok. Just keep an eye on the level, especially during and after a long trip.

        I think the header tank will take about 1.5 litres on its own anyway.

        I think the only physical test that can be done is a pressure leakdown test. Also check that the coolant in the header tank stays clean, and does not develop an oily or sooty scum on the surface.

        The coolant could be tested chemically for oil or combustion gas contamination. I don't know of anyone that can do that though, and it would probably be expensive.
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