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gearbox or clutch/flywheel?

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  • gearbox or clutch/flywheel?

    Just guessing here. It really needs looking at.

    My thoughts..The gear lever movement, might be a result of worn engine mountings. Excessive rock on the mountings translates to movement at the gearstick.

    The "drone/grinding" description under hard acceleration might be the 6th gear mainshaft bearing failing. If the car has the M32 gearbox fitted, this a known weakness.

    Excessive gear lever movement is also noted with this gearbox. The following link gives an idea of the potential problems associated with the M32. Although the Insignia is not listed in the article, some models do use it.
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    On the other hand. Better to know before, rather than have a problem in the middle of nowhere.
    Elite ST 2.0i Auto. Power Red With All The Toys