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Do i need a new dpf?

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  • Do i need a new dpf?

    Welcome to the forum "E36m3".

    On MY2008/9 models with base level DIC, I think the glowplug light would be flashed to indicate that DPF regeneration was in progress.

    The double flash on starting, that VX say should happen, might indicate checking of both functions. Very confusing for owners, which is why it was dropped in favour of a designated DPF indicator.

    The glowplug light should flash at least momentarily, when the ignition is first turned on.

    The repeated failures into limp mode might be explained by the burst boost hose, if it had initially been leaking through a small split for some time before it finally burst.

    This would also cause excessive soot accumulation on the DPF and prevent normal regeneration.

    I know nothing about OPCOM, so I can't comment on whether the 255% soot accumulation reading is possible.

    Regardless of that, the garage should have been able to find any developing issues with boost hoses and the DPF.

    If the car has been repeatedly going into limp mode, there should be some sort of error/diagnostic code history stored on the ECU that would indicate the initial areas to check.

    I'm no expert, but as a starting point I would have the following checked: DPF pressure and temperature sensors, Lambda sensor, Boost pressure sensors, EGR valve, Turbo oil seals and vane operation.

    The DPF may or may not be fouled beyond recovery. A forced regen or a chemical clean may work.
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    Mine showed that high with the split intercooler hose. This split causing the DPF to fill prematurely isn't just possible, it is 100% certain as the car is over fueling. I did a forced regen after replacing the pipe & now my soot levels are about 70% or there abouts which is within normal range.

    My Glow plug light comes on for a few seconds depending on how cold the outdoor temp is, if it's freezing it stays on a bit longer & if it's warm it only flashes on and off again.There is an option on Opcom to check all lights but I can't remember off the top of my head how to do it as it is my mates system i use & I am at work so don't have access at the moment.


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      Have you tried a blast down motorway for 20 mls or so at 70mph in 4 th gear only
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        Motorway blast down won't help with 255% bolcked DPF. It will goes in to limp home mode.