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Suspected oil pressure seal failure engine now blown what to do

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  • Suspected oil pressure seal failure engine now blown what to do

    So my 60 plate special edition 2.0 CDTI Sri had a low oil pressure failure light come on while driving. Whilst driving it to the garage it shut down and fails to now start and needed a tow To get there. Had a low oil light come on so topped up and then a low oil pressure warning and then stalled at a light near my garage and would not stray again. Suspected oil seal failure leading to a catastrophic engine failure I believe. The car had done 190k in miles and was my daily driver. I had just had an mot and new tires on my 18Ē rims costing £600 to fail

    Bought another insignia now but I donít know what to do with my old one. Scrap, break, sell, fix and sell are the option is think I have. It was running well otherwise before the engine failure.

    Any ideas and advice welcomed.

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    Hi jolyon,

    Depending on the damage to the engine, the cost may exceed what you would get for the car or at the very least not be worth your time.
    Perhaps get a second opinion to see if the engine is truly dead.

    If your selling in its current state I don't know how much you'd get, perhaps a quick search on eBay may give you some estimates.

    If you have the patience and room to store your old insignia I would break and sell the parts as you can make a bit of money.

    If not perhaps scrapping but you'd probably only get a few hundred quid at most. Selling the wheels, brakes, bumpers, sensors etc will net your more cash albeit over time.


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      I've just had a quick Google and the a20dth engine seems to have a common problem with the oil pump pick up seal swelling up and restricting flow to the crankshaft which would explain the suspected seizure.

      A new engine could be an alternative but this can be costly if your not fitting yourself and there's no guarantee you won't have this issue again.

      Another topic on this forum shows an uprated part if you decide to go down the repair route if this was the issue:!-)


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        Probably with you driving the car after the warning message came up you have finished the engine----normally the engine is cooked anyway when the warning comes up,the car has done some good mileage and really the seal should of been done sometime before--so its either a new engine or sell for parts,that decision is yours i'm afraid------Dave


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          Thanks for the replies.

          I think i would like to break it and sell the parts. I have space to park it I just wish someone would take it off me and do this themselves. iwill take 40% off any sales and they can have 60% of everythign sold. This won't cost me anything and i won't have to get my hands dirty.

          When the error came up I thought it may have been a sensor as there were no issues driving. I called my garage mechanic who also suspected a sensory as well. No one to blame cars break but its a shame as i was 1 mile away. Now it wont eben turn over when the key is turned which suggests ceased engine. I agree this could have been dealt and replaced at a certain milage point easily had a I monitored what maintenacne is reccomended. I wish that there is an email alert you could get to remind you. Time for a cam belt replacement, time for a oil seal replacement. I am sure there is but its not on my rador.

          By all accoutns I enjoyed every year driving this car and was pleased to get another one and liucky that i could source it and manage it within 2 weeks as i rely in my car for work.