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    Hi everyone,

    So I've noticed recently that my engine fan in my 2016 Elite Nav is coming on more frequently, and for longer duration of time. My water levels are fine, and its not warm weather at the moment, so I'm wondering why this is happening?

    It makes the car sound really loud and old

    Thank you in advance

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    It's due to the regen process


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      Originally posted by a602820922 View Post
      It's due to the regen process
      Thank you for replying.

      What exactly is the regen process?
      And is there anything I can do to make the fan come on less frequently?

      Thanks again


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        Ooooooo dear .
        Regen because you car has a DPF ( diesel particulate filter) .now to lower emissions and such kind .the filter stores soot a biproduct of the combustion process
        Because these have an finite capacity they have to be emptied ( burnt off ) this burning off process is called a regen ( or regeneration process)
        In this process
        The DPF has to be heated to approximately 800 degree C .
        So with the right conditions
        ( Before and after pressures of the DPF ) engine temperature above 75 degree C exhaust temperature 500 degree C.
        The ECU starts to inject more diesel into the cylinders thus raising the exhaust temperature.thus burning off the soot .
        Points to note.
        1) never try to interrupt a regen cycle.
        2) you will know it's doing one because your MPG and distance to empty will fall .you may get a slight different smell .
        And it turns big capacity items on ( heated rear window)
        Thus the engine temperature is higher slightly and your engine fan runs on longer.
        Big note ----- if you keep interrupting the regen then the extra diesel is leaked back into the cylinders then into the sump rising the oil level and degradation of the oil .
        Leading to in extreme cases diesel runaway.which is toast for the engine.
        Nothing you can do about it.
        Short trips don't help .
        A good long run once a week and regular maintenance.
        Keep an eye on oil levels.