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Coolant loss == EGR?

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  • Coolant loss == EGR?

    That plastic part you can see that is wet is the EGR cooler, it is attached to the end of the EGR. This is a replaceable part. They used to replace the whole lot costing ?1k, then they changed it to half of it at ?500 and now it is the cooler at ?32.40 for the part. This was from the service desk of my local VX.

    To test, get someone to press your throttle for a few seconds and you will see a fine mist of coolant coming from the EGR cooler.

    I paid ?90 to get mine replaced, including labour and the coolant that was lost being replaced (still got loads left in the bottle)

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    Mine wasn't wet either, it was only leaking when under pressure from pressing the throttle. Like I said above, get someone to rev the car to about 2k revs and you will see a fine mist of coolant spray from the Cooler. Or that is what I seen anyway.


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      That hole is a condenser hole for draining cold water from the air con system.. All of our cars have that. There could be a slight blockage somewhere causing the cabin to get water in it.