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SVS light on and fan running continually

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  • SVS light on and fan running continually

    Hi all. I have read a few threads on this topic and gathered this information........Reckon it could be this but you need to get the fault code read. If it is as below looks like thermostat housing needs replacing.

    If code is P0597 then this is thermostat heater open circuit

    Customer complains SVS light illuminates. In some cases the cooling fan runs permanently. P0597 is stored in the engine control module.

    This is caused by poor contact of the heating element of the thermostat.

    In case of customer please replace the thermostat housing:...... So I've checked the threads but can't seem to find any follow up to the solution ?? Any one know how much it would cost to get sorted at a Indy garage. Thanks

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    I don't know if the truth be told ?? It did the same thing a few mouths a go then it was OK for a while and now it doing it again ?? And I'm getting a 174 code saying the battery is low but it's fine.


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      OK thanks. That's some what good news. ?50 for the control module.


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        m8internet, on 23 November 2014 - 09:35 PM, said:
        The cooling fan is active so is draining the battery, you may end up having to replace both parts

        The control module shouldn't cost more than ?50 to replace

        So is the thermostat housing the control module ??? Kind of getting confused here ???


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          Sorry if I'm being thick but does the whole thermostat need replaced ?? Or just part of it. Thanks


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            I'm now even more confused now its went from ?50 to ?100 ??? Time to book it in to my local Indy garage. Thanks anyway


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              According to the fault description its the housing I need replacing as there is no fault with the thermostat as its working as it should.


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                Thermostat??now changed ( still don't understand the changing of the housing as it is one unit ?? ) problem solved. Cost £185 from a Indy garage. Not cheep I my opinion but had to be done. But still raging that there was no fault with the thermoststat as it worked as it should but the electrical component that connects it to the ECU is at fault.