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Insignia 2.0 CDTI 160 Auto - worth remapping?

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  • Insignia 2.0 CDTI 160 Auto - worth remapping?

    chalkiessoup, on 24 October 2012 - 07:24 PM, said:
    It's not normally aspirated's turbocharged.

    He's talking about the 1.8 petrol

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    I've driven my dads 1.8 petrol and TBH it's fine for pottering around. Bit of pick up but it's not quick in the slightest. The 160 CDTI is much faster and much more fuel efficient. If the 1.8 had been cleaner and better mpg I'd have gone for it as I don't do many miles. But it's much higher CO2 and mpg is crap for a modern car.


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      Have to agree mostly with Dave, however if the auto ratio can be altered with improve Torque, ie being able to shift up earlier then it might cure the niggling problems. I'd think you'd still get much better BHP, probably 30 ish more but if the ratios don't change with the remap then mpg will not alter sadly!


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        Sitting at 70ish in mine I get 45-50 mpg on longer runs. Personally I wouldn't be buying more expensive V-power. Bog standard Shell/BP etc is fine. Some on here even say their siggy's hate premium brands and stick to supermarket. I've been trying BP diesel of late and I can't find any difference. So I'll be back to ASDA diesel next week!


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          Yip it is. It is torque controlled so if the engine ECU thinks the revs are two low it will bump down hence why it jumps up and down from 3rd to 4th and vice versa at 30ish mph. I find it sits in 5th and 6th longer in manual mode than it does it auto! But if you sit at 55-60 on motorway the mpg will be worse than it is at 80. Back to front car!!


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            Aero bars are crap! I'm sure they are good if fitted perfectly but I have things that involve cutting the rubber strip so this ends up whistling. Where are you upto with the remap. Theres a guy local to me that does it for ?320 and he's done a few insignias and gets good reviews. It's one on the cards for me


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              I just put them on as needed. Only use them for carrying my kayak and I suspect the uprights on it will be noisy anyway.