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  • P2138 and p2128

    Hi all I'm having the error codes p2138 and p2128 which is the Throttle position sensor this has put my car in limp mode and ive had to buy a whole new accelerator as the tps is inside the pedal and cant be purchased seperate. So i had a new one fiitted but its still in limp mode. I've been to 3 different garages and there just telling me they cant erase the codes after fitting and re fitting the new pedal they all cant find the problem I'm completely lost and dont know what to do anymore.

    Please Help!


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    Has anyone of them checked for an open circuit / short circuit in the wiring
    Just because the code relates to the throttle pedal it doesn't mean that's the fault .
    The code is really telling you the component is not receiving the correct information electronically.
    P2138 is the throttle body.
    Check wiring and tightness of potentiometer and check for carbon build up in the throttle body .

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      Dont think they did check the wiring thanks lizard I'll have a look into it now much appreciated!