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MAF sensor at idle reading

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    Originally posted by lizzard-t View Post
    It can be part of the intake air temperature system , allowing, more or less fuel as the ambient temperature rises and falls especially with cold starts .
    but like a temperature sensor for the ECU or like an old fashion choke system.
    is that last screen shot with the engine not running ?if so why is the MAF showing a value of 277.27 GS .?
    I would just for an experiment disconnect the battery for a couple of hours, then re-connect, start the car and let it idle for 10 minutes so it re-learns the base values then connect opcom and get live data from there .
    That was the last screenshot after I had done what you suggested and rev the car and then switch it off, I switched it off as I took my foot off the gas. Maybe I did it wrong and ended up with that reading?

    I've never had maf sensor readings like that before.


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      Bit of an update on this issue.

      I brought a brand new Bosch MAF sensor and fitted it and I also replaced the intake temperature sensor and the the issue is still there and no fault codes.

      When I first started it it was band on the reading it should be bit after about 10 seconds the reading dropped to 5-6 g/s again.

      I'm at a loss now what it could be.

      I've noticed on Opcom that there is an option to " replace MAF sensor " would this need doing?

      Anybody got any other suggestions?



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        Originally posted by justin43 View Post
        Anybody got any other suggestions?
        Another car


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          Originally posted by RBH View Post

          Another car
          It was feeling that way


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            Final update
            I unplugged the TB and EGR valve and the MAF reading went up to what they should be. I plugged the TB back in and the readings stayed the same, I then plugged the EGR in and the readings plummeted and the engine ran rough.

            Looks like it will be getting mapped out asap