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Broke bolt holding dpf temp sensor.

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  • Broke bolt holding dpf temp sensor.

    Hello. 2016 insignia 1.6 D

    Having lots of trouble with clogged dpf. Went to remove it today to clean it out and have broke the bolt that holds one of the sensors on the dpf. The second sensor down. The sensor goes through the middle of the bolt, if that makes sense.
    Any advice on removing it or anyone know a part number for it.
    Nuts where very tight and seemed to only get tighter..

    Any help of advice would be much appreciated.

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    Try drilling the out out with a set of good HSS drill bits ,
    have you run any data on the DPF to see what the causes may be ?
    As the DPF Only normally starts block if you have problems with EGR , GLOW PLUGS, the pressure sensor or the pressure sensor tubing , MAF , MAP ,
    lack of driving .
    Check your oil level, if its high then get it replaced toot sweet and get a good code reader and get the codes read.



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      Thanks for the reply.
      I believe it originally start with lack of long journeys during lockdown.
      Then the egr was quite blocked. Had that cleaned and ran a few bottles of dpf cleaner through it. Then there was a injector problem so had that replaced. Thought I was getting somewhere and then it had loads of diesel dumped in with the oil from failed regens and the egr packed in. So had it 'removed' and mapped out. It was trying to regen but would go into limp mode after 30 seconds of driving. After a long journey one day it seemed to be regening, no limp mode and message stayed up. Then it blow the intercooler pipe.
      That's the stage I'm at now. I've made a make shift bracket for the intercooler pipe for now but I'd say it will need a new one.
      The codes showing up are for dpf soot levels and failed regens. I think p242f and p2458.


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        Another thing to be aware of , when you have cleaned the DPF ,AND RE-fitted you will have to re-set the Soot ash levels to zero , or you will just be having the same codes come up .



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          Would the blocked dpf have caused the intercooler pipe to blow off? To much pressure?


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            Yes that would of due to back pressure .if the pressure cannot go out the exhaust it will find any exit route it can .
            Hence the hose popping off .
            It's a bit like being constipated !

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              Here's a picture for reference..

              Ya so I'd really want to sort the dpf before getting a new intercooler pipe..