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  • Mass airflow sensor

    Hi guys, car failed its mot due to a fault which has been attributed to the mass air flow sensor. After having 3 different ones put in and them all working fine it's still saying there's a problem with it. The wiring and connectors are all perfectly fine as well. My mechanic says it's probably the ECU and could be something as simple as a software update or as annoying as a replacement ECU. How do you get a software update, is there an easy way round this? And if its the ECU being an arse where can I get one relatively cheap and installed for a 2015 2.0 cdti? Thanks all
    P. S. If any of you think it could be something else please feel free to shout up!

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    Hello, what codes are you getting ?what make are thease MAF's that are being fitted , what live data stream is he getting ( what mass of air is being detected )
    has he cleaned and checked the sensors, like MAP ,engine temperature sensor for the ECU , , ?
    what kind of scan tool is he using ?
    has he tested the whole wiring up to the ECU ?
    softwear would be a dealer option .if any update available, but I don't think I've head of an update for an erroneous MAF ?
    if he thinks it's an ECU problem then first off it would be better to have it sent off for testing ,that s the better option .
    BBA Remain is one such place ,but google would be a good tool to use .
    if he were a 100 % certain that the ECU Was at fault then going down the second hand route is an option ,but it would have to be excaatley the same part numbers same year and come from a reliable sauce then of course there's programming, and security as well .
    if you can report back with some findings then we can go from there .