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1.8 petrol coolant issues (code 3 / overheating / no heat / terrible fuel enconomy)

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  • 1.8 petrol coolant issues (code 3 / overheating / no heat / terrible fuel enconomy)

    Hi All,

    I need some help/advice.

    Only had the car for a few weeks and already have issues

    Issues are:

    Heavy on fuel
    No heat
    Code 3 on the dash
    Airlock in coolant system (or busted head gasket?)
    Dead battery

    From the get-go, the car is heavy on fuel. More so than the Vectra C 2.2 we had before.

    Initially had code 82. I reset this as supposedly the car was serviced.

    We had intermittent heat in the cabin.

    Started showing Code 3 on the dash.

    After looking online, I decided to check if it was an airlock in the system. Waited until it was cold, open the expansion tank and ran it up to temp. Nothing happened.

    I then revved it up to 2500rpm and it started bubbling up. The heater was on full but had no hot air. Then let it cool, topped it up and ran it up to temp again. Closed the expansion tank and took it for a drive on the dual carriageway. Temp stayed just more or less constant. Still no heat though.

    Just as I got home, the temp shot up (took about a minute to go from 90 to max) and started pushing water out the overflow pipe. I left it overnight with the cap off. Topped it up again this morning, massaging the pipes and popping off the heater pipes to get any air out of there.

    Started up, and the radiator fan came on when cold and stayed on. Couldn't get it up to temp while standing. Had a tiny bit of heat in the cabin. Drove it to drop the kids off and then it wouldn't start afterwards. Jump-started it and drove it him. It overheated as soon as I drove up the road to our house.

    The previous owner (and garage) said the following was changed last month:

    Full service
    Timing belt kit
    Water pump
    Thermostat housing

    The car has 92000 miles.

    I will sort the battery out today/tomorrow.

    It is booked for Monday morning. Any advice on what I can try between now and then to fix it?

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    Don't use it if you effact a repair yourself the garage may blame you .
    So as mc hammer said "don't touch it "
    And then he did a sideways move in his wife's Jim Jams

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