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Drive shaft for Insignia BiTurbo

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  • Drive shaft for Insignia BiTurbo


    My car started making a knocking sound at around 25mph, I can hear it more when I come off the accelerator, when I press the clutch down it goes away. My mechanic checked it out and said its a problem with the N/S driveshaft. This is where my problems begin!

    I spoke various Vauxhall dealers who are quoting 900+VAT, but they don't have it in stock as its on back order with no ETA. I've tried AutoVaux and various other places but no one has stock - when checked against my VIN. Same issue with breaker yards, and driveshaft specialist's.

    These are the codes I have referencing the correct driveshaft:
    Vauxhall part No: 22792280
    GM code: 374929
    GKN: AAS5

    I believe the engine code is A20DTR, its a M40 gearbox and its 2WD.​
    If anyone knows where I can a N/S driveshaft from, at a reasonable price, it would be greatly appreciated.